There’s nothing better than family movie night when you have the hottest 3D movies to watch. 3D movies are great for people of all ages because there is so much selection now. Families will love the animated 3D movies that kids are enjoying so much these day and adults can sit down to a 3D thriller or action movie that will keep them awake all night long. Whether you are looking for a hot video or a night at the theatre you cannot go wrong with 3D movies. afilmywap

So what’s hot in 3D movies today? Here are a few 3D movie reviews on films that may become your favorite.

For the family

How to Train Your Dragon in 3D

If you are looking for something to watch with the kids you cannot go wrong with the great animated movie. The kids will laugh and giggle and there is enough action to keep mom and dad entertained, as well. Dreamworks went over the top when they made this one.

Shrek: The Final Chapter in 3D

Kids all over the world loved the adorable and surprising ogre, Shrek. Adults loved the romance. And everyone loved Donkey. So what can be better than watching the series culminate in one great 3D movie? If you’ve ever wondered what would have happened in the land of Far, Far Away if Shrek had never been around to rescue princesses and save lands, you’ll love this movie. Poor Shrek gets mixed up with the likes of Rumplestiltskin and sees life in a new light.

For Young Adults and Older

Avatar in 3D

One of the biggest movies to come out in 2009, people have been raving about it ever since and they cannot get enough of it. And the 3D movie reviews on this show it is a crowd pleaser. This film is filled with visuals that will have you dreaming in Technicolor! While it may be a little too mature for family night, if you have older teens you can enjoy this great 3D movie with them.

Alice in Wonderland in 3D

This is based on the well loved children’s book of the same name but with the story line being amped up it’s not for young children. Teenagers and adults will truly enjoy the visualization of real people coming to life before their eyes. Disney has brought 3D movies to a whole new level with this one!

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